Dress to cover.

One of the ladies who was seated with her on the platform narrated this story. Mohammed Ali and his daughters Hannah and Laila. By the way Mohammed Ali is a muslim. The two daughters dressed up in skimpy dresses. Laila relived or recapitulated the event. She vowed never to forget what their father looked her in the eyes while she sat on his lap and said to her. Not quoted exactly though. The most important things in life are always covered and hidden and very hard to find. You will need to dig very deep and far to get them. Gold is hidden far inside the earth’s crust below layers upon layers of hard rocks. Pearls are hidden inside shells which are found in deep sea waters. Diamonds are also hidden far under the earth crust too.

The following two items may not have been mentioned by her along with others in the list above: platinum and crude oil(black gold), these are two others that are worth mentioning above also. Mohammed Ali further articulated clearly the morals of the lesson.

That the daughters must dress to cover themselves up properly because they have something that their future suitors/husbands must work very hard to get.. Ofcourse what else would that most important treasure be except their virginity, which should be their most prized possession. It is the womans pride and whole person.

These are my personal thoughts: In Genesis chapter 3, chapter 2:9,16-17: In the beginning God designed man in the creation to the extent that if not for disobedience of man to God’s command not to eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, today men and women would have been going about their daily businesses without any clue of their physical nakedness. The word “naked” wouldn’t have been introduced to the lexicon of mankind. Going about naked would have been very normal, not at all seen as anything was wrong. The psychology of feeling naked wouldn’t have been too.

Unfortunately when mankind(Adam and Eve) realized they were naked and that was as a result of consuming the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, resorted to self help fashions. They sewed fig leaves together ( what an irony, for this was foolishness as the durability and ruggedness of leaves obviously cannot be guaranteed) to cover our nakedness in an attempt to exemplify knowledge. God in his characteristical love and wisdom towards mankind made something better for them to cover their nakedness. Aprons and leather materials made from the sacrificial killing of animals- animal skins. Clearly God is in interested in in what and how we dress up.

– God expects us to cover our nakedness properly(not sheer or see through)

– and also prevent accidental exposure(that mankind must not dress up with leaves or paper or transparent materials. Fragile materials can easily get torn.

-provide warmth and other cares for the human body (which leaves wouldn’t have been able to provide).

-provide comfort (the skin/leather clothings God made – God is the ultimate tailor/fashion designer – for Adam and Eve must have been sewn to size and fitness as adequate and proper.

-provide asthetics. God is the lover of all stimulating stones, paints, animals and other colours, and so on. He must have chosen some colourful skin and leather for Adam and Eve’s maiden fashion.

-the cut and design must have been different fashion for Adam and Eve because of Deut22:5.

Look at these pertinent questions.

-Do Christian men and women today dress properly to the honour and glory of God and their master Jesus Christ?

-Today, all over the world who are those complaining most against indecent dressing and exposure? Is it Christians or people of other religions? Refer to what the master said in Luke 16:8, “And the lord(not God) commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” The emphasis is mine for better understanding of who the “lord” was. Look around you and particularly on Sunday morning, are the children of light wiser? Many adherents of other religions are fighting and showing great distaste and disagreement about the dress culture of many Christian people and countries, most especially “God’s own country” United States of America, the western world. Grammy a world acclaimed musical award organization in America recently issued an email to their invited performing artiste to keep their clothes on and cover their buttocks, breasts, and their sex organs. They must have done that out of concern because the wicked record of Sodom and Gormorrah was totally shattered ages ago. A clear case of freedom without responsibilities – anarchy.

America remains one of thr most powerful opinions in the comity of nations in almost all facets of human lifr today, especially in the area of dressing and fashion. They are wielding the most negative influence on the rest of the people of the world whereas they are supposed to be looked up to as the world’s leaders. If America reforms there is the hope that the rest of the world can reform too. CBS the broadcasters of the 55th Grammy’s awards scheduled for 10 february, 2013 issued a dress code banning breasts, buttocks, genitals exposure – ban of obscene exposure at the grammys. The dressing of some of the female folks especially how disgusting, repulsive, productive, sickening, horrible, indecent, embarrassing, vulgar, perverting, demising, immoral, scandalous and so on. Serve the very worst of adjectives. Let me quote the connect made by George feb,2013. “This is why the Muslims and other countries hate us. They believe we are the great satan, and we are polluting the world with smut, filth and greed.”


“fact is there’d be no need for female celebrity to demeaning themselves by dressing in such a manner if any of them were actually talented or had an ounce of self-worth”


1 Tim 2:9-10

1 Peter 3: 3-6

The dressing of an average traditional religious Jewish woman and that of a moslem; with the vail and shawd are very similar. Islam is known to be an offshoot of Judiasm, hence the physical similarity in appearance in dressing. So it wasn’t the moslem women that introduced at inception the covering with the “Hijabi”. They are merely carrying on with the age old tradition of Sarah, wives of the Patriachs, and the women of the early new testament church. Unfortunately, there is so much pervasion in the churches and in the western world today with respect to dressing. Generally men and women are encouraged to be socially responsible in their dressing to sustain the dignity of humanity. However Christian church men and women should be reminded of their greater responsibility in the expectation of the faith for the following reasons:

-The righteousness of the faithful is expected by the Master Jesus, to exceed that of the Pharisees. Otherwise any infraction that degrades the faith may cause the individual the loss of the Kingdom of God.

-At the second advent of Christ judgment shall begin first in the Church with the people of God before those outside the Church.

-The people of God are enjoined to be moderate and self disciplined in all things.

-The best you can be or gain in a rat race is becoming a big rat; which may be loaded with the fatal lasser fever virus. Let us keep our packaging to glory. God Jehova; being created in the image and likeness of the Most High God and not that rat.


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