I know the story of two sisters, Clara the youngest and Chidinma, you can call them family friends. Their mom is late but dad was always present in their lives till date. Their dad is wealthy, he is from Anambara State and virtually owned many businesses in the State just like Dangote runs the African market.

Clara and Chidinma attended the best Schools abroad and made their dad proud. Now the girls are back in Nigeria, dad is summoned by Clara the youngest daughter, she asked her dad to give her a couple of billions so she could go back to America and start a business of her own and the dad agreed without complaining. Chidinma stayed back in Nigeria to help her dad in one of the haulage companies.

Clara got to America hopeful and ready for the American market. She had a brilliant business idea that she never told anyone except her boyfriend way back in College. She moved in with this young man hoping for a brighter future. Clara began to work hard and made huge amount of money in America. She became a force to reckon with in the American market.

This was where her troubles began, One day Clara came home after a long day at the office only to be accused by her boyfriend of infidelity. She was so confused but denied it. Her boyfriend had no prove of Clara’s infidelity but was just jealous because she was making all the money for them. She became depressed and in the bid to impress her boyfriend, he became a thorn in the flesh and began to introduce her into drugs which then made her very distant from her family. Clara bought a Ferrari for her boyfriend, they partied all nights in different clubs, used all types of drugs and Clara always took the fall and several times ended up in jail. She had three abortions for him and things became worse than she could imagine. She lost her business and trying to get back on her feet, she was persuaded by her boyfriend to move some amount of cocaine from one State to another but got caught. She was in prison for 3years and released based on good behavior. Clara was then rejected by her boyfriend who started dating someone else.

She had no place to stay and began to feed on leftovers from garbage’s on the streets but one day got deported to Nigeria by the American government, then she begged her dad to employ her as a cleaner in one of his companies for her stupidity but her dad hugged her like a princess even in torn clothes. She was amazed at her dads reaction. All her dad said was my daughter was lost but she is found, so let’s make merry. Afterwards Chidinma got back home that evening to see a party in the house and was told the party was on behalf of her sister who left with so much money to America but came back broke in torn clothes. Chidinma became furious and secluded herself from the party in disgust claiming their father never praised her for being diligent in the affairs of the company she was running for him. All the father said was “my daughter was lost but now she is back!”

This story is quite simple, God’s thoughts are better than that of Clara’s father. Seek God and gain Eternal Life.


PHOTO CREDIT: ibphotography



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