I met lady in a bus and i had to write about her. It was fun meeting her in a bus from Uyo to Lagos. I did not ask her what her name was after I alighted from the bus and hurriedly got her phone number. She is weird just like me and we got along very well even though most times I was picking on her.

Now this is the story, on the 15th of December 2015 in the famous bus park in Uyo popularly known as Itam AKTC park. I was with my homeboy Ike who was coming to Lagos with me to spend the holidays. We got to the park late obviously by 7:15am because Ike was just too lazy to get up after having many bottles the night before but he claimed he had a little alcohol. We eventually got our bus tickets which Ike paid for based on his generosity. We got on a bus we believed was the 3rd bus going to Lagos but we were disappointed and transferred to another bus. Then again, confusion set in and we were again transferred to another bus. Throughout this time I noticed a fair girl looking gloomy, she wore a top and a floral skirt I didn’t really notice, she is average height and what got my attention was her straight legs with hairs on it. We finally settled in the bus and she still had her gloomy face up which I knew she basically used to scare off any male toaster.

In the sitting arrangement, Ike was directly in front of me while this fair girl was behind me. We ended up having 7 passengers on board, making it 2 passengers to the seats. I immediately asked her to relax her face and enjoy the ride to Lagos, and she smiled. Her smile captured me and I was so sure for a while what kind of girl she was. Later on the trip, I asked her to help me make the trip worthwhile for us but she turned me down but later agreed after so much pleading. All I needed was company, someone to gist with and make the journey quicker than expected. At various points I let her crash and whenever she woke up, she would call my attention. I was already getting to know her because she was down to earth and was so friendly unlike the face she put up before coming on board the bus. I virtually turned back to look at her while we talked and sometimes did that also when she was asleep. I loved to watch her sleep and I knew she did not love it. She decided to sleep on the empty seat behind after complaining about the guy who sat beside her HAD A TERRIBLE MOUTH ODOUR. I will not tell you what transpired thereafter, lol. We both had moments where we just stared at each other without saying a word. Trust me this is not a love story, through the journey we had fights and a lot of off-points where she would come at me angry at me but I never stopped getting on her nerves for reasons I could not even understand myself. Ike on the other end was busy having fun with an older lady whom I notice was very single and flirting with him. Finally, we got off the bus in Asaba for the usual 25minutes break half-way into the journey. We alighted by 1:25pm to eat and I ended up with my muse having my lunch. She turned down my offer to buy her food and preferred to watch me eat. I was done with my food and we were walking back to the bus when she requested to eat suya and some fruits, guava to be precise. We got back on the bus and shared in her suya. I also did not refuse a guava she offered to me and then it begun to start, my stomach began to ache me and the driver was in no condition to stop the bus for me to ease myself, so I decided to bear the pain till I got home. She made fun of me when I told her but later was checking up on me to know how I was feeling. I tried to take away my mind from the stomach ache and pay rapt attention to her gist, I think I did my best in my condition even though unknowingly she was helpful.

Finally, Ike and I alighted at the popular Berger Bus Stop by 6:05pm after a grand reception from the three statues clothed in Eyo festival attire into Lagos state. I was in a hurry to get her number she earlier did not want to give me but she eventually gave me. I waved her farewell and did not realize I did not know her name. Ike and I got on a taxi taking us home and the journey was extremely terrible with the never unending traffic situation that Lagos State cannot find a solution to like that of New-York city in the United States of America hosting the most populated people in America. After finding our way through the traffic, we got the my street by 8:10pm. My mum received us warmly with a big smile and a lots of food that night which I consumed just after I had to release the suya in my stomach. After a little while just when I was about to sleep I told my mum about the fair girl I met in the bus, she listened with rapt attention and asked few questions about her in curiosity. Thereafter, I took my cell phone and dialed me ladies number, we spoke a little and before hanging up, I asked and she told me her name was Rosetta.


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