Sunday Series

The baby is lost from the beginning 2



There is a sense of purpose in every human. Whenever we hear the word “purpose” we probably think of a big adventure of saving the world.  

Ever thought of the purpose of an orange fruit from this perspective? The orange juice in the orange fruit is never used by the orange itself but for others. Thinking deep; one can relate that to human beings, there is something deep within each of us that someone else is going to receive, which obviously is the orange juice we give and do not need. For example, this little write-up is my orange juice because someone somewhere would definitely begin to have self-worth by receiving this message as true.

There is something inside you that you have always argued with or rather succumbed to due to fear. Let me put it right, I personally was never in the loop that I would be a writer but I am today. It simply explains how most things we ought to do, to yield that orange juice is what we look for consciously or unconsciously.


There are no favorite skin colors, there are no sentiments attached to social class and nothing external bothers on the gifts inside an individual.


Now the knowledge of the baby has increased but the grown man is still lost, yet searching for a purpose that fulfilling only is the end game.   




Sunday series

The baby is lost from the beginning 1

Just the way it all begins for everyone, it was all dark and gloomy like the Genesis, there was light after months of total darkness in the womb of our mother.

I will save you the details of how we all got there but we obviously did, coupled with the fact that we live better when we are dead and we die better when we are alive.

The sound of this world is so deafening that it scares each and everyone of us, our first option at Life is a loud cry because of an inevitable death which approaches just after birth.

Soon we are certified lost in this world because our choices differ just as our location.

This is the weird part, we don’t get to chose our location but we get to make our chioces.

We all are characters in this short story, finding ourselves in a location and staying lost till we die like the grasses in the field.

Sometimes, feelings like we are left in a lurch clouds us strongly but deep within we resist and stick to our choices regardless.

Just like an analogy which says “a mango tree is in every mango seed”, we can say a dead 90 year old or maybe a young soldier is in a baby.

How effortlessly does a mango seed become a mango tree? Does it happen just the same way we end up in our mothers womb? The answer is YES!

So many things we worry about today are baseless and mostly crap like “why can’t we eat meat?  No, we are constantly on our mothers breasts sucking out the milk.”

Now we are all grown up eating solid food forgetting we ever complained about not eating the meat when we were babies. The issue at stake now is what happens next after we get all we want? Maybe Steve Jobs got the answer, I don’t know.

Are we satisfied dead or are we emptied at death? Are we in an act of obscurantism? Just like a tangram, our childhood shaped us differently but each one is still a wonderful piece to the puzzle because a soul has something to offer us, you don’t necessarily have to fit in because it is okay to be called the crazy one.

Next week Sunday, we will find purpose but we would search together.

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daft with the education, see why!

I recently heard a man whom I call the expert say that the tremor occurrence in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria was only a phase that would pass.

I felt totally awful about it but what breaks me the most is his unpredictable position, I will just quote him verbatim “as long as we had this tremor here in Kaduna State, after our on the ground assessment, we believe that it will not occur here anymore” but no! It happened again! This is even the least to worry about but what scares me is the ignorance towards a major treasure, I will let you know later in this article.

Now back to crux of the matter, initially everyone thought having an education was the best thing to happen to mankind but no we were wrong!

We have focused so much on the irrelevant issues that has left the big divide called developing countries and developed countries.

What makes a country like Nigeria developing? Absolutely nothing to prove this but we let it sink in into our soul.

I HAVE QUESTIONED EVERYTHING WE HAD BEFORE THE BABYLONIANS AND WHATEVER THESE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES ADD. There is one rule to solving mankind’s problems but I will be very truthful with you, that is not going to happen. Honestly you do not have to be the smartest guy in the room to know this fact except you were just born a minute ago and you made your first cry too.

Man consumes more water; businesses do not thrive because the developing countries are really depriving themselves of research. Our world is slipping through our hands from the top to the least.

I do not expect our country to have a spring-bok leap in times like this but ignorance makes us lose this country to the hands of power drunken ignorant men like us.

Our animals are ignored, our expanse of land is ignored, our own brain ignored. Welcome to the century of sloppy doom. Take time to crack this puzzle if you can but try not to solve it because even a crack is a milestone for today’s generation.

Be open minded, what part do you play in this era? Chickens cannot lay eggs, fishes are not favored in our waters, and crime is potentially inevitable.

Soon everything would be lost to ignorance which leads to sudden destruction. Clearly these are signs, Hurricane Mathew has warned us once again but take this from me, Hurricane Mathew is the new bro and yet he died on arrival.

My conclusion is certainly not out of the box, blind men know my conclusion because when the temperature increases, their bodies tells them how bad the situation is becoming.

Today we have educated people keeping the world ignorant of the times we are in now, which ofcourse is going to get worse. For example before the British came to the old Niger Area for commerce, we never questioned our own capabilities.

Sadly today we have hit rock bottom because Babylon has taken her position and obviously will lose it. The earth was without form and void but was held together by the only one.

Now the same one has said Babylon will fall but ignorance shrouds our minds. We all have ignored the SUN who is our major player in the course of today’s world of climate change.

The chickens do not want to eat their food and lay eggs because the food is hotter, the water they drink is hotter, when the temperatures become higher, we also want more water.

Our fishes do not have their cozy environment anymore because of this same temperature change. Personally I care less of religion, our greatest undoing because she came and we loved her.

Fellas like commerce and trade, technology was never our dearest friend. Man has failed and gradually losing its love for the world. Ambition will keep us chasing shadows, our world needs healing from our suiting words.

Let think it through, why is the SUN getting hotter? Is mankind’s problem from the ignorance of the SUN?

improvised CRIME, beware!

What is the worst that can happen? I asked myself this question. I drive a saloon car which is fully air-conditioned unlike other cab drivers.
Turning my car into a cab wasn’t really the problem, after all with a 4 year old daughter I should be able to be the best dad in the world and provide for baby milk. My wife on the other hand warned me to take things easy after i told her I was going to turn the car into a cab.
Why did I not listen to her, well the situation of the country speaks to everyone, not just me alone. Anyway lets continue, I got signed up on Uber, began my routines. I was still working in Lagos State government anyway but ofcousre you know why I was going into cab driving by now, yea i didn’t have to wait for government.
It is impossible to keep one stream of income when the stream flows seldomly. I have not been paid for the past 5 months and how my family and I have survived is still a miracle which i named my wife.
Notwithstanding, I never thought everything was still fine and without hesitation I was running my cab business after work every evening.

I had started for about a week and coming home late was certain because most clients needed me at nights, mostly the bankers. My wife began to warn me of late nights,
she was so bothered about it that she told me about a dream she had. Ofcourse i ignored her dream, made her see reasons why i should continue my cab business.
Everything was going fine until one night I learnt a lesson which I had to share for everyone driving during these seasons. I let my guard down and wasn’t quick to decipher what was about to hit me. It happened by 11:45pm, Friday night on third mainland bridge, the longest bridge in West Africa by the way. I had just dropped off a client on the Island all the way from Ikeja, I was just about to leave the island when a lady flagged my cab down and said she was going to Yaba. I hardly pick people up on the streets but that day it was different, I did anyway and with no particular reason to back me up. This lady was jovial and I believe she was a student of Unilag because of the call she picked up on our way to Yaba.

Just before the turn off the bridge to Yaba, something strange happened. I was hit by a car behind me and the lady told me to ignore it since it was not a serious hit.
I wish I listened, I kept driving when the same guys hit me with their car again and this time i was not going to hear “ignore them” anymore. I was so furious I got out of my car, walked towards my bumper to see the damage done. Thankfully it was not so bad like the lady said earlier but I needed to show some ego I guess. Well this was the strange part, there were two guys in the car and the guy beside the driver began to make fun of the driver who is obviously is friend by the way. He told me to collect some money from his friend for the damage, saying he told him he wanted to handle the wheels but his friend refused and now he has hit someone. I began to seriously caution him to be careful next time while the guy beside the driver stepped out of the car pretending to be concerned about my car and approached, which i was ignorant about, immediately i was slapped so hard that i became unconscious for a brief moment.  I woke up hearing the lady crying, the guys had driven off and left me penniless, raped the girl and took all her valuables likewise.

I was robbed by some young guys who planned so well and hit their target who they believed was an ignorant or new cab driver. This is the reason i am sending this message across to everyone who drives at late nights.
Please do not be ignorant, always drive off and leave these people when you are hit next time. I have heard cases of robbery but never like this was i told. It is the times we are in when people commit crimes with new methods.
Whenever you are hit at night please do not stop to check the level of damage to your car, please speed off i say! i repeat again, speed off i say! Never again will this happen to me and anyone who has read this.
I wish I listened to the lady i was taking to Yaba, I wish I listened to my inner man, I wish I had read this type of message from a victim before that night.
Many times I hear people say experience is the best teacher but actually the truth is the best teacher. No one has to go through such a mess before learning a lesson or two.

I hope this has helped someone to be more vigilant and wise when faced with situations that criminals simulate before leaving their houses every night. This is not the work of the under-world, It is the work of a well calculated plan for robbery at night these days. Well it is only an advice and i am grateful i am alive to tell you. It was not not so bad for me but quite sad for the lady in my car.
Stay safe, be security conscious!