daft with the education, see why!

I recently heard a man whom I call the expert say that the tremor occurrence in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria was only a phase that would pass.

I felt totally awful about it but what breaks me the most is his unpredictable position, I will just quote him verbatim “as long as we had this tremor here in Kaduna State, after our on the ground assessment, we believe that it will not occur here anymore” but no! It happened again! This is even the least to worry about but what scares me is the ignorance towards a major treasure, I will let you know later in this article.

Now back to crux of the matter, initially everyone thought having an education was the best thing to happen to mankind but no we were wrong!

We have focused so much on the irrelevant issues that has left the big divide called developing countries and developed countries.

What makes a country like Nigeria developing? Absolutely nothing to prove this but we let it sink in into our soul.

I HAVE QUESTIONED EVERYTHING WE HAD BEFORE THE BABYLONIANS AND WHATEVER THESE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES ADD. There is one rule to solving mankind’s problems but I will be very truthful with you, that is not going to happen. Honestly you do not have to be the smartest guy in the room to know this fact except you were just born a minute ago and you made your first cry too.

Man consumes more water; businesses do not thrive because the developing countries are really depriving themselves of research. Our world is slipping through our hands from the top to the least.

I do not expect our country to have a spring-bok leap in times like this but ignorance makes us lose this country to the hands of power drunken ignorant men like us.

Our animals are ignored, our expanse of land is ignored, our own brain ignored. Welcome to the century of sloppy doom. Take time to crack this puzzle if you can but try not to solve it because even a crack is a milestone for today’s generation.

Be open minded, what part do you play in this era? Chickens cannot lay eggs, fishes are not favored in our waters, and crime is potentially inevitable.

Soon everything would be lost to ignorance which leads to sudden destruction. Clearly these are signs, Hurricane Mathew has warned us once again but take this from me, Hurricane Mathew is the new bro and yet he died on arrival.

My conclusion is certainly not out of the box, blind men know my conclusion because when the temperature increases, their bodies tells them how bad the situation is becoming.

Today we have educated people keeping the world ignorant of the times we are in now, which ofcourse is going to get worse. For example before the British came to the old Niger Area for commerce, we never questioned our own capabilities.

Sadly today we have hit rock bottom because Babylon has taken her position and obviously will lose it. The earth was without form and void but was held together by the only one.

Now the same one has said Babylon will fall but ignorance shrouds our minds. We all have ignored the SUN who is our major player in the course of today’s world of climate change.

The chickens do not want to eat their food and lay eggs because the food is hotter, the water they drink is hotter, when the temperatures become higher, we also want more water.

Our fishes do not have their cozy environment anymore because of this same temperature change. Personally I care less of religion, our greatest undoing because she came and we loved her.

Fellas like commerce and trade, technology was never our dearest friend. Man has failed and gradually losing its love for the world. Ambition will keep us chasing shadows, our world needs healing from our suiting words.

Let think it through, why is the SUN getting hotter? Is mankind’s problem from the ignorance of the SUN?


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