The baby is lost from the beginning 1

Just the way it all begins for everyone, it was all dark and gloomy like the Genesis, there was light after months of total darkness in the womb of our mother.

I will save you the details of how we all got there but we obviously did, coupled with the fact that we live better when we are dead and we die better when we are alive.

The sound of this world is so deafening that it scares each and everyone of us, our first option at Life is a loud cry because of an inevitable death which approaches just after birth.

Soon we are certified lost in this world because our choices differ just as our location.

This is the weird part, we don’t get to chose our location but we get to make our chioces.

We all are characters in this short story, finding ourselves in a location and staying lost till we die like the grasses in the field.

Sometimes, feelings like we are left in a lurch clouds us strongly but deep within we resist and stick to our choices regardless.

Just like an analogy which says “a mango tree is in every mango seed”, we can say a dead 90 year old or maybe a young soldier is in a baby.

How effortlessly does a mango seed become a mango tree? Does it happen just the same way we end up in our mothers womb? The answer is YES!

So many things we worry about today are baseless and mostly crap like “why can’t we eat meat?  No, we are constantly on our mothers breasts sucking out the milk.”

Now we are all grown up eating solid food forgetting we ever complained about not eating the meat when we were babies. The issue at stake now is what happens next after we get all we want? Maybe Steve Jobs got the answer, I don’t know.

Are we satisfied dead or are we emptied at death? Are we in an act of obscurantism? Just like a tangram, our childhood shaped us differently but each one is still a wonderful piece to the puzzle because a soul has something to offer us, you don’t necessarily have to fit in because it is okay to be called the crazy one.

Next week Sunday, we will find purpose but we would search together.


7 thoughts on “Sunday series

  1. I don’t think anybody is satisfied at his end.. There’s always something we wish we could have done, something we could have change.. This we could have goes with us all.. May be that’s why few denizens come back on this earth.. I congrats you for writing such a wonderful piece.. Hope it goes further..

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  2. Nice piece, this idea of death and birth in the phrasing makes me think of the idea of reincarnation. Which could be another symbolic mean for a baby crying at birth over the loss of their past life. Well that’s one way to think about it. Nice post (^_^)b

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