You own your mind.

via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

There is irrefutable evidence that at some point in life we have been forced against our will. I wish I could say the reverse was the case for me; well we all are in the same boat. There are so many things we would love to do differently but sadly majority wins. This majority is the norm and we find ourselves going with the flow.

Let us look into one topic very many debate and argue about, it is religion. If you join the group of people who try to argue out which religion is supreme, then I guess one way or the other, you will be forced to take a stand with them against your will. I am not a religious person, so I have stopped a long time ago not to get entangled in religious arguments. My advice is simple, you have a mind of your own, break free from crowd mentality and be free to be you from within.

This is my ninth post and I think my writing is coming along really fine. I may not be listed among the best of writers or probably the most consistent but I sure know how to carry everyone along and that’s a style I plan on taking you through.

Let me dive into a bit of who I am and why I am here. I wrote a quick one I titled “improvised crime, beware” to inform people on a new technique criminals use and I got a comment from a very lovely writer who sympathized with me because she thought I was the cab driver in the story. When I remember her comment, I just laugh but I feel rest assured that I am loved by someone out there. I have also received comments on other posts saying that I write deep thoughts too, well of-course, I am always thinking of deep things that many of us have thought about too. We are not so different after-all.


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