Sunday Series

The baby is lost from the beginning 2



There is a sense of purpose in every human. Whenever we hear the word “purpose” we probably think of a big adventure of saving the world.  

Ever thought of the purpose of an orange fruit from this perspective? The orange juice in the orange fruit is never used by the orange itself but for others. Thinking deep; one can relate that to human beings, there is something deep within each of us that someone else is going to receive, which obviously is the orange juice we give and do not need. For example, this little write-up is my orange juice because someone somewhere would definitely begin to have self-worth by receiving this message as true.

There is something inside you that you have always argued with or rather succumbed to due to fear. Let me put it right, I personally was never in the loop that I would be a writer but I am today. It simply explains how most things we ought to do, to yield that orange juice is what we look for consciously or unconsciously.


There are no favorite skin colors, there are no sentiments attached to social class and nothing external bothers on the gifts inside an individual.


Now the knowledge of the baby has increased but the grown man is still lost, yet searching for a purpose that fulfilling only is the end game.